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Welcome to Glamour Artistry

A place you will feel at home


A place to escape the outside world 


Float on in, lay on a bed & allow the magic to unfold


What We Offer

Red Head Model

Natural, Beautiful, You.

The Artistry provides a beauty service unlike any of its kind.

Our focus is Quality over Quantity & most importantly we aim to treat each beauty with attention to detail & absolute perfectionism.


The results are glamorous in the most natural way!


The Glam Squad

We are the squad that come together to make Glamour Artistry exactly what it is. 


Squad or sisters, we all have one thing in common: COMMITMENT.


Commitment to making you look & feel your absolute best! 

We believe that showing up in this world some days is a challenge just in itself, so surrounding ourselves with love & positive influence is our aim.


Creating a place you will always be comfortable to look & feel absolute glam is our ethos.


We feel so at home here & truly hope you can too!

Who We Are

Eyelash Implants

See Our Work

Eyebrow Sculpting | Eyelash Extensions | Lash Lifting

Brow Lifting | Cosmetic Tattoo

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