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Microblading 'Feather Touch' Tattoo


Microblading is a semi-permanent Eyebrow Tattoo. This modern day 'feather touch' technique uses the finest of hair strokes to re-create, colour, fill, lift & re-define the eyebrow without the heaviness of a bold tattoo.


The result is long lasting eyebrows with perfect symmetry. 

The Microblading pigment can last a few years on the skin depending on skin type & over time will softly fade away. To keep the definition & fullness of the colour all year round we highly recommend a touch up appointment every 12months. 

Microblading 'feather touch' Tattoo includes:

  • Consultation

  • Brow Mapping/Correcting

  • Numbing Lotion

  • Eyebrow Tattoo w' Digital Machine

  • Aftercare Advice/Lotion

  • A 4 Week colour-perfect appointment

Afterpay is now Available for all Microblading services.


Eyebrow Sculpting


Eyebrows are by far our most important facial feature as they help to frame & shape our face.


It is for this reason we take brow sculpting very seriously & truly believe it is an art that only a few can master. Sculpting enhances & redefines the natural brow, creating perfect symmetry, resulting in brows that you will love & adore.


Regular maintenance appointments are essential to ensure brows do not get plucked/touched at home.


Eyebrow Sculpting includes:

  • Tinting or Henna Brow Tattoo

  • Trimming

  • Waxing/Reshaping

  • Brow Define Makeup Application

Maintenance appointments recommended every 3-4 weeks.

Eyebrow Sculpting

Brow Lifting


Brow Lifting or Brow Lamination is a revolutionary treatment stepping the brow game up to all new levels. It requires Lifting & Setting the brow hairs into the desired position creating much more fullness. This is followed by a neutralizing treatment, keratin nourishing treatment, brow shaping & tinting. The results speak for themselves & are by far our best transformations yet.


Think of this as the Full Brow Makeover, recommended for those wanting the thickest, fullest, most perfect looking brows on the block!

Brow Lifting includes:

  • Lifting

  • Neutralizing

  • Tinting

  • Shaping

  • Keratin Brow Conditioning

Maintenance appointments recommended every 6 weeks.

Lash Lifting


Lash Lifting is a revolutionary treatment involving perming & tinting of the eyelashes.


This modern day perm will nourish, condition, lift & lengthen making it the most effective treatment for the natural lash lasting up to 6 weeks.


Lash lifting is a great alternative to lash extensions & a safer option for those with sensitive eyes.


Lash Lifting includes:

  • Perming

  • Tinting

  • Lash conditioning

Maintenance appointments recommended every 6 weeks.

Lash Lifting

Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Extensions are a semi-permanent, safe and glamorous way to extend the length and thickness of your own natural lash. The synthetic extensions are made to look & feel like real human hair & each treatment is tailor made to suit each clients desired look. Eyelash extensions create a glamorous, natural look to the eyes with a real WOW factor!

Here at the Artistry we offer a range of ClassicHybrid & Russian Volume Extensions.

Classic - 1 Single Extension per Single Eyelash

Hybrid - A mix of Single Extensions & 3D Volume Extensions

Russian - Your choice of 3D or 5D Volume Extensions

Natural look includes:

  • Application of the finest synthetic extensions with a natural length & curl

  • Gives an appearance of beautiful lashes without anyone noticing they are not your own.

  • Recommended for clients wanting to softly enhance their natural lash.



Glam look includes:

  • Application of longer/fuller/curlier synthetic extensions

  • Creates a more wing-eyed appearance.

  • Recommended for clients wanting added length & thickness. Our most popular look! 


Glamour look includes:

  • Application of the thickest synthetic extensions with lots of length & curl

  • Makes a real statement.

  • Recommended for clients wanting to stand out in the crowd or great for any special occasion.

Maintenance Appointment includes:

  • Removal, tidy & re-application of extensions.

  • Price for these appointments may vary depending on the condition of the extensions & is recommended every 3 weeks.

Eyelash Extensions
Brow Lifting

Cancellation Policy

To respect our therapists time a 50% DEPOSIT is required to MAKE A BOOKING. Your online deposit is Non-refundable & will be deducted off the total on the day of your treatment. Rescheduling of appointments prior to a 24hour period the deposit can be transferred. Rescheduling within a 24hour period will result in a loss of the deposit.

Thank you for your understanding. 

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