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Microblading 'Feather Touch' Tattoo

  • AVOID Sun exposure prior to the procedure 

  • On the day of procedure apply Bepanthen Cream as many times as you like to keep a protective layer on the brow

  • On the day after your procedure use a cotton tip & warm water around & over your eyebrows to remove excess cream & bacteria. AVOID getting the brows completely wet or using cleansers as this may alter the pigment

  • After your cotton tip wash apply Bepanthen Cream twice daily(morning & night) for 7-10 days after your procedure or until the skin completely heals


  • ​Do not apply make-up to the affected area for 7-10 days 

  • AVOID Swimming, Sweating & Sun Exposure for 10-14 days after the procedure, this will allow the pigment to settle & the skin to heal

Please follow all aftercare instructions directly as above.


You can find Bepanthen Cream at your local Chemist.


Eyelash Extensions

  • Avoid getting eyelashes wet for the first 12-24 hours after treatment

  • Mascara can be worn although must not be waterproof

  • Avoid using any oil based products including cleansers/eye-makeup removers

  • Avoid rubbing, picking or pulling the eyelashes

  • Take care while sleeping or laying on the face

  • If an extension is out of place gently brush it back with your mascara wand

  • Do not attempt to remove the eyelash extensions, all extensions must be removed correctly by the trained professional.

Eyelash Extensions

Lash & Brow Lifting

  • Avoid getting eyelashes/eyebrows wet for the first 12-24 hours after treatment​

  • Avoid using shampoos/conditioners/cleansers/eye-makeup removers/oils or serums immediately after treatment

  • Avoid rubbing, picking or disturbing the shape of the eyelashes/eyebrows

  • Take care while sleeping or laying on the face

  • Follow up with your at home Lash/Brow serum to keep the hairs nourished & conditioned​

  • Rebook for your next treatment no less than 6weeks apart

Lash Lifting

Henna Brow Tattoo

  • For best results lightly exfoliate the area pre-treatment​

  • Avoid getting eyebrows wet for the first 12-24 hours after treatment​

  • Avoid sun exposure immediately after treatment ​

  • Avoid spray tanning immediately after treatment ​

  • Avoid oil based eye-makeup removers​

  • Avoid rubbing the area

Henna Brow Tattoo
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