Meet The Glam Squad

We are the squad that come together to make Glamour Artistry exactly what it is. 


Squad or sisters, we all have one thing in common: COMMITMENT.


Commitment to making you look & feel your absolute best! 

We believe that showing up in this world some days is a challenge just in itself, so surrounding ourselves with love & positive influence is our aim.


Creating a place you will always be comfortable to look & feel absolute glam is our ethos.


We feel so at home here & truly hope you can too!


Lash + Brow Artist

Milly is the Founder, the Original (OG), Lash & Brow Queen!

Her hard work & determination has grown this small local business into what you see today. Her passion is helping/serving/making people feel their absolute best. She will also do whatever it takes to make you happy! 


You won’t see much of Milly face-to-face as she is busy working her magic behind the scenes - training, guiding, making sure everything is perfectly in its place & running smoothly. 


You will though connect with Milly over email, phone or social media. No question is a silly question & no feedback is horrible feedback, she would love to hear all about it. 

Milly is currently in salon every Wednesday & Thursday specialising in Brow Sculpting, Lash Extensions, GELeration Nails. 


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Lash + Brow Artist

Neda is our Cosmetic Tattoo Golden Goddess! Her specialty is Eyebrows, with the softest & lightest of strokes she creates a brow that’s beautifully enhanced without feeling “too much” or “too bold”.


She has incredible softness with everything she does. This soft gentle energy seems to make those not so pleasant treatments, oh so pleasant & her brow massages are by far the best we have experienced. 


Neda is in salon every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday for all your Lash, Brow & Cosmetic Tattoo needs. 


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